Dragoljub Djokic was born in 1947. in a place called Murino, Montenegro (Yugoslavia). He studied Accademy of applied arts since 1972. till 1977. His professor was Volijslav Vujisic.
    As a student he was quite "informal", but not only toward theory, in sculpture he always knew his knowledge.
    As a child from canyon of river Lim he baked clay and engraved wood. He lived with nature, together, as one. There was enough strenght, love and courage in him to get through all fazes of art schooling. He found the greatest school, of good handcraft, which opened him the door to modern art and apstraction, at a studio of Veselko Zoric and a master Oto Logo. Great influence also comes from prof. dr Mila Rajkovic.

He is a member of :
Association of Applied art and Design
YT.YC (ULUS): Profesional serbian Council of Applied Art
ICSID: International Council of Graphic Design (monuments)
ICOGRADA: International Councuil of Graphic Design
WCC: World Crafts Council
AIC: International Academy of Ceramic